When you run away
from your pain,
you run away from
who you were meant to be.

You Deserve to Feel Healthy and Happy.

Grandmother, daughter and grand daughterBut if you can’t find relief from emotional or physical pain, maybe it’s time to go deeper.

Changes in our health and life circumstances can affect us in ways we don’t understand. Our energy becomes imbalanced, reducing our ability to heal. Pain, illness and “dis-ease” can be both the cause and effect of anxiety, fear, sadness and other emotions that are held in the body and left unhealed. You may feel stuck and unable to move forward with your life.

The effort that led you to this website shows that you’re finally ready to break the cycle. Good for you! But lasting positive change is difficult until balance is restored to its natural flow. That’s what Holistic Healing is all about. It’s not a new-age fad, in fact it is one of the oldest ways known to man!

Modern science has discovered ways to measure and explain our energetic bodies. To maintain overall health and wellness we have to go beyond the boundaries of our physical anatomy and look deeper into the “anatomy” of our energy. The human bio field has been scientifically measured and detected. Medical professionals and patients have found that integrating this safe, noninvasive holistic practice often eases pain and speeds recovery.

Since emotional challenges such as loneliness and stress can manifest as physical ailments, let’s work together to discover what your body is trying to tell you. Healing works best when you’re committed to making a positive change in your life.

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It’s never too late to get unstuck and start enjoying life again!

I’m Mindy Strich, a Certified I.E.M. Holistic Healing Practitioner and I.C.F. Life Coach. I will work with you to identify energetic patterns and areas of imbalance that may be influencing your health and wellbeing. I will teach you how to interpret your body’s messages so you can understand its wisdom and deep healing potential. I’d love to support you by listening to you and talking about new directions and possibilities.

quoteFive years ago I had serious back surgery which still causes me severe pain in my left leg, hips, and back. I have adverse reactions to pain medication, and went to Mindy for help. After 2 sessions, my pain significantly diminished and for the first time in a long time I am standing up straight! I continue to work with Mindy and am excited about my progress and pain relief. – Susan Lennox

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