What is Energetic Healing?

shutterstock_69967795Self care is a big piece of the healing journey.

Physical and emotional concerns are often related to deeper issues. Pain, illness and disease can often be the result of an imbalance of energy. What happens in your body often begins in your mind, your emotions and your beliefs.  Just like the food you eat, the thoughts you think can have a major impact on your health. Energy healing is a safe and nurturing approach to healthcare. By restoring balance and renewing the flow of energy, healing facilitates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Aligning the energy in and around the body brings increased function and improved mental and emotional states. For thousands of years, in other countries and cultures, healing has been considered “conventional medicine” and is now rapidly emerging in the United States as a predominant complement to allopathic (standard) medical treatment. What happens in the body begins in the field, restoring balance is a preventive measure and vital component to optimal health and well-being.

What is the Human Bio Field and how does it affect your health? All matter in the universe is made up of energy. The HEF is an electromagnetic field located approximately 3-4 feet from the physical body. It is the first tier of our physical environment and acts as a perceptual center that transmits and receives information from the body and the environment. Imbalances and disruptions in the flow of energy in the field can cause disease, pain, and unhealthy emotional and physical conditions. By removing static energy and redirecting the flow, treatments activate the body’s natural ability to heal and enhances the potential for optimal health. For more information or to schedule a FREE phone consultation please click here. bookheart



My healing expertise focuses on several key areas of physical and emotional health.

  • Reducing stress
  • Calming anxiety
  • Easing acute and chronic conditions
  • Complementary care for back and neck problems
  • Enhancing recovery from surgery and injuries
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Life transitions – loss of a loved one, career changes, divorce
  • Spiritual coaching
  • Support for cancer care
  • Creating an overall sense of well-being
  • Self – care 

Client responses have shown that energy based therapies have resulted in :

  • decreased anxiety and depression
  • increased joy, vigor, contentment and affection
  • slowed breathing and heart rate
  • decrease of feelings of guilt, hostility, anger and fear
  • lowers blood pressure and creates relaxation
  • self-empowerment
  • improves mental attitude and creativity
  • Accelerates recovery from surgery
  • reduces negative side effects of medication
  • Deepening spirital connection 
  • improved sense of well being
  • inner peace

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