What Are Chakras?

What does Energy Healing and Your Chakras have in common?

  • The human body is made up of chemicals that produce electricity.
  • There are 7 major energy centers called Chakras that run along the spinal cord and emanate three to four inches from the body.
  • Chakras produce an electromagnetic charge that sends us vital information about our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health.
  • The chakras supply energy to our organs.
  • Thoughts, beliefs, and life experiences are sifted through our energy centers and stored in our tissues and cells.
  • Physical and emotional pain and illness can occur when chakra energy is restricted, weak or misdirected.

When applying any form of energy healing on the body, the condition and amplitude of the body’s chakra will reflect the physical health of a specific area. Knowledge of the chakra system allows healers to effectively direct the flow of energy.

Looking into the chakras reveal what is happening in your body, your emotions and in your life.



Sanskrit, the Hindu word chakra means “spinning wheels of light.”

Root Chakra:
Who we are in the world, our sense of belonging, connection to family beliefs, our identity.
Color: Red

Sacral Chakra:
What we feel in the world, the center of sexuality, creativity and emotions.
Color: Orange

Solar Plexus Chakra:
What we believe in the world. Our “stories”, the center of our personality and self esteem.
Color: Yellow

Heart Chakra:
How we are in relationships in the world. The center that links the lower three chakras (physical) to the upper three chakras (spiritual).
Color: Green

Throat Chakra:
The center of how we communicate in the world.
Color: Blue

Brow (Third Eye) Chakra:
How we see (perceive) the world. The center of intuition.
Color: Indigo

Crown Chakra:
The center of of divinity. Our connection to spirituality.
Color: Golden White


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