Meet Mindy

Certified Healing Practitioner and Spiritual Coach

What if the worst thing that ever happened to you turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to you?

It was never my intention to become an energetic healer. But the crises and challenges in my own life turned out to be the starting point of a fascinating journey of healing.

At 24, chronic episodes of extreme low blood pressure, shortness of breath and dizziness often left me confined to my bed for days, sometimes weeks at a time.

Medical specialists of all kinds probed, tested, scanned, and prescribed but ultimately failed to successfully diagnose or treat my condition.

On my 25th birthday, a year after the onset on my illness, my mother died.  Worst experience # 1.

Twenty six years later, I experienced the worst episode in my life and was admitted to the hospital. When all the tests came back negative I decided to take an alternative route. Taking a leap of faith I enrolled in two year a program to learn about energy healing.  I could never have imagined how transformational that decision would be.

Two weeks after the course began, my husband, the man I believed I was going to spend “my happily ever after with” came home and told me what I had feared; as much as he tried to repress and deny it, he was gay. Worst thing that ever happened to me #2.

At that moment my entire life shattered into a million little pieces. I was overwhelmed with fear, anger, betrayal and mostly deep deep sadness… and now had to face an uncertain future alone.

What I learned over the next two years not only helped me heal from the emotional pain of the end of my divorce, It also gave me what conventional medicine could not – answers to the root cause of my illness. The physical symptoms that began when my mother died and continued throughout the end of my marriage were undeniably connected.

  • Our emotional anatomy is as real as our physical anatomy.
  • Over 90% of illness is believed to be rooted in emotional and psychological issues.
  • All of which is stored in our energy field.
  • Left unhealed eventually it will show up in your life.


In less than two years I went from believing my life was over to knowing my life had only just begun. To date, the physical issues that inhibited me have not returned.

I am Mindy Strich and I am a certified Healing Practitioner (I.E.M., Reiki and Healing Touch) and I.C.F. Life Coach. As a graduate and teaching assistant at The Whitewinds Institute of Energetic Healing in Atlanta, Ga. I studied and continue to work with the founder, Dr. Fernand Poulin, one of the leading voices in the field of Energy Healing.

I enrolled at Whitewinds with the sole intent to find a solution to the health issues that overwhelmed me. What happened instead is undeniably one of the most unexpected and amazing gifts of my life. I discovered a deep desire to facilitate others in healing! 

I started my own private practice, Healing Hearts Energy, LLC in 2012 and work with people who are experiencing physical and emotional issues that keep them stuck and unable to move forward with their lives. At the root of it all is an depletion  of energy. By redirecting the flow of energy I can assist you in activating your body’s natural ability to heal.

My lifelong battle with chronic illness has taught me that conventional medicine is not always the answer. Traditional medicine may provide solutions to successfully treating symptoms, but it often misses the root of the problem.

It is never too late for you to find new resources for healing physical and emotional issues that traditional medicine cannot solve.

To achieve complete health we must integrate wellness within our minds, bodies and souls. I can help you open the door to restoring your energy and renewing your life.  I can work you in person and remotely. Contact me for a free energy healing consultation.

Energy Medicine Professional Association - Insured Practitioner
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