family reunion   quoteI scheduled a session with Mindy because a recent relationship break-up left me feeling wounded, and I wanted to correct what was becoming a pattern of “wrong relationships.” During the session Mindy made me feel completely relaxed and nurtured, as she coaxed my fears to the surface with compassion and understanding. I was able to address my fears and realize the path I needed to take to move forward. Toward the end of the session, something remarkable happened: Mindy asked me if my hip bothered me. I said that it did — a sporting injury left me with the almost constant mild-to-severe pain of a torn hip flexor. She explained that injuries sometimes torque our energy fields out of alignment, and offered to help. I naturally agreed, and as she held her hands over my hip it began to twitch and gently spasm. After a few moments it subsided, along with any discomfort, to this day! Thank you Mindy, for helping to heal my heart, and my spirit, as well as my old hip injury. -Lisa Doty, Assistant Principal NYC Schools

quoteI knew I needed to change a lot of things in my life. I believed I knew how but until I started talking with Mindy I wasn’t entirely convinced I could do it. Since then, people are “coincidentally” showing up to help me. The thoughts and beliefs I have held on to for my entire life have created imbalances in my body and in my life. By releasing the old energy patterns I am creating openings for living life to the fullest. And its happening! What is showing up is in large part due to my work with Mindy. After actively searching for a job for 16 months last week I was offered a position which is perfect for me! After months of anxiety I just successfully mediated my divorce!! I am so grateful! – Teresa Garland

deep breath

quoteLast January I broke my wrist and needed surgery. With a plate placed in my wrist and after 6 months of occupational therapy I still never regained mobility. I had a second surgery performed in August to remove scar tissue which my doctor believed was preventing my healing. I decided to give energy healing a try because after beginning therapy again I was not making the progress I had expected. After just one session I am simply amazed! 48 hours after my first session I returned to my physical therapist and we were both blown away about how well my wrist was working! It seemed as if made more progress in one healing session than I had in seven months of therapy!

Though I still have a long road ahead of me to regain full mobility of my hand, because of Mindy’s help I am more hopeful than ever. I am confident that as long as I continue working with her I will get there a lot sooner and with a lot less pain. She is amazing! – Jodi Scully

quoteI was experiencing a great deal of pain in my shoulder which was inhibiting my ability to do ordinary everyday tasks. My work with Mindy has been an awakening. She asked me if I was experiencing any issues in my pelvic area. I forgot to mention to her that I had a uterine fibroid and cysts on my ovaries. I’m not sure how she knew that but as we continued, deeper issues began to surface. I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my body. I felt light, free and filled with possibility! – Kim Brandon http://www.dreamstime.com/-image2399508

quoteI had been experiencing pain in my left knee and left shoulder. I went to traditional rehabilitation and doctors in the past with no results. After two healing sessions, my shoulder pain was completely gone, and my knee pain has significantly diminished. Mindy helped show me how my emotions, thoughts and past experiences have affected my physical health. I am so appreciative, Mindy has deeply impacted my life. I would recommend her to anyone. – William Brooks

quoteOne night while I was out with Mindy, who I’ve known my entire life, I experienced a terrible allergy attack and could not open my left eye. The stinging pain was extremely uncomfortable and I was concerned about how I was going to drive home. Mindy placed her hand a few feet from my face and I began to feel something being drawn out of my eye. I felt relief instantly and in less than 5 minutes the pain was completely gone! I was AMAZED! Since then I have referred many friends to Mindy. I am inspired when they share their experience of healing. – Mitch Evans, Sports Radio Host, 92.9 The Game

quoteI called Mindy while I was in the midst of a severe migraine attack, looking for any relief I could find. Through her intuitive work and guidance, the intense pain I was feeling was significantly reduced by the end of our session. I hung up the phone feeling much more relaxed, relieved, peaceful and focused. Her healing techniques led me to explore the pain, invite energy to flow through it, find the forms the pain had taken, release them, and ultimately discover the hidden message it was carrying. – India Powell

quoteFive years ago I had serious back surgery which still causes me severe pain in my left leg, hips, and back. I have adverse reactions to pain medication, and went to Mindy for help. After 2 sessions, my pain significantly diminished and for the first time in a long time I am standing up straight! I continue to work with Mindy and am excited about my progress and pain relief. – Susan Lennox


quoteMy first session with Mindy to help me tackle anxiety and weight loss more than far surpassed my expectations. She accurately sensed a number of other issues that were affecting me, including hip pain which I had not mentioned. Additionally, Mindy picked up on the causes of tensions in my solar plexus and she helped me release those blockages. It was remarkable how different I felt at the end of the session. I truly felt great relief, renewal, and replenishment of spirit. Mindy’s professionalism, her ability to heal, and her genuine care for others are a true gift to those who seek her. -Alicia Polo

quoteI had been going thru a difficult period in my life for too long and although I had been working very hard to move forward, I was not making much progress. I had come to the realization I was stuck and I needed to try something different. During my session with Mindy the areas of blockage that were preventing me from moving forward were revealed and released. After the session I felt mentally, physically & spiritually lighter. As I was driving home, I could actually feel a shift in my energy, a total enlightenment. It was an amazing experience! – Vel Travet

quoteI joined Mindy’s meet-up on healing on separation and divorce. I really liked her guidance so I decided to have some energetic healing sessions with her. Dealing with the emotional pain of separation after 35 years of marriage, I have been in conventional therapy for four years with no signs of improvement. As Mindy worked with my energy field, I began to feel an immediate release. There were waves of emotions coming to the surface, and heaving in my chest. This is unusual for me, I feel the pain, but I don’t cry. She guided me through it, and helped me to let out what I’ve been holding in. Following the session, I felt emotional, but lighter. The next day, I actually felt good, and was aware of the shift in my mood. Mindy is a wonderful Healer, and I’m so thankful to have found her. – Patti Bates diversity

quoteWhen it was suggested that I contact Mindy, I was in the middle of a painful separation from my husband of 33 years, and had just found out I was having a second occurrence of Non Hotchkins Lymphoma after eight years of good health. I was terrified of the bone marrow test that I had gone through before. It was quite painful and traumatizing to me the first time and I didn’t think I could get through it again. My emotions were consuming me and though I was in therapy for many years, I was having difficulty rising above it all. I felt as though I was drowning so out of desperation, I called Mindy. My logical mind couldn’t fathom what she could possibly do from several states away but what has happened is simply amazing! Even though we have never met, her work has had profound effects on my life.

Before the bone marrow test Mindy assured me she was doing energy work with my body and she gave me some exercises and visualizations so I could stay calm during the bone marrow test. I had the test AND HAD NO PAIN! Not a twinge, not an ache…nothing! I continue to work with Mindy because I find her compassion, understanding and innate ability to just “know” what I’m feeling even before I do, to be as transformative an experience as I’ve ever known. Working with Mindy has given me more peace of mind and hope that the best year’s of my life are still to come. I am forever grateful to this woman -Ronnie Diller   

quoteFor about 15 months the only way I’ve been able to sleep is by sitting up. If I reclined or even tried to lay down my back muscles would seize up causing the worst pain I’ve ever experienced (and that’s saying something) in my life. For the past 10 nights I’ve actually been able to recline AND lay down. My neck thanks you, I Thank You. Being able to actually lay down again is huge for me. Kipanne Huntz,  Artist

quoteMiracle after Miracle have been happening since my 1st session with Mindy in January. I have been praying for a female energy healer for quite some time and I am certain she is an answer to prayer. The 1st session was intense and was a talking session; much was revealed and released. I was present to peace and centeredness at the closure. I booked the best package possible because my heart knew I was destined for healing through her. The 2nd session we talked and did energy work which I so appreciate because I process through talking; the combination is extraordinary. At the closure of that session I was present to creative power, flow and possibilities. What I resonate with the most about her work is her stance on us/we/I have to take action to be in the co-creative process with God. The more we take action (which sometimes relaxing & unplugging is action) the more we move energy and the more we move energy the more space we make for creativity and the more creative space that is created the more opportunities we create for God to work. It may not “look exactly how I thought it would” but it’s apparent that when I put fear, doubt and unworthiness aside God creates miracles and I am present to them! THKU Mindy for taking action on your journey and allowing God to move through you to heal me and so many others! You’re a treasure! – Allison Grady



quoteSeveral years of physical and emotional challenges left me feeling depressed and stuck.  I knew my life needed to change in order for that black cloud to go away, but I didn’t really know what needed to change or how to go about it. I went to an introductory energy session where Mindy explained what energy healing was and how it can help people and then, when no one else volunteered for a healing session, I did.   Skeptical, I sat down on the chair in front of her.  She acknowledged the pain I had been feeling for months in my left shoulder due to a neck injury.  I didn’t even tell her about it!  By the time the brief session was over, the pain in my shoulder was gone and I felt changed and energized.  I felt more positive than I had in a long time.

Now, after having several sessions with her, I feel more in tune with my healing, both physically and emotionally, feeling the shift happen from the first or second session.   My neck is continuing to heal and the depression has lifted.  I feel more energized and optimistic than I have in years. What a gift.  Mindy is gentle, compassionate and calm.  She is a brilliant healer and teacher and her intuition about my needs have always been accurate.  I am now on the path to new and exciting health, happiness and experiences and I couldn’t be more excited.  I am so grateful to have found her.  – Lisa Watson, Writer, Teacher, Cobb County Schools

quoteI want to thank Mindy publicly for sharing her gift of healing with me. I have had problems with my shoulder and the pain was getting so bad it was affecting my sleep and work. I scheduled a two hour session with Mindy and she focused mainly on my shoulder. I literally felt the muscles in my shoulder moving involuntarily as she worked. The next day, my shoulder pain was minimal. I had a follow up session and my shoulder continues to feel great. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! – Robyn Sheridan 

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