If you have a health condition, you may have already gotten a diagnosis from your doctor, or if you are like me you may have gotten several different diagnoses or no real diagnosis at all.

Your doctor’s diagnosis may absolutely be what is going on and what needs to be treated, but what is also true is that your condition may be only part of the problem.

What may show up physically may not be the root of the issue. There are other aspects of our lives that activate stress responses in our body that are equally or perhaps even more essential to your health than what most physicians will tell you.

These might include:

  • your relationships
  • your spiritual community
  • your creative expression
  • your job/career
  • your home environment
  • thoughts about money

Today I want to discuss your home environment. If you are at home right now, look around you. What do you see? How do you feel being home?

Does your space feel light, open and spacious?

Are you the type of person whose surfaces tend to collect stuff, where rooms or areas take on a more cluttered terrain?

Which rooms do you tend to feel better in? Do you feel ‘at home’ when you’re home?

If you begin to notice areas in your home that that you tend to avoid and not feel comfortable in, it may be a clue to other areas in your life in which you are lacking:

  • You may feel like there is never enough time.
  • You may feel uncomfortable being yourself.
  • You never seem to have enough space in your budget for everything you need/want.
  • Your mind may be cluttered with thoughts.
  • You may feel stuck in general.

If you resonate with any of these descriptions, you may want to redesign your environment to bring more space into your life. Until you shift the energy in your physical environment, you may feel stuck, and stuck energy is the root cause of many health issues.

Lasting health and wellness comes from within. When you consciously clear your surroundings, you are inviting a healthy flow of energy into other areas of your life as well.

Start with one room in your home–preferably the room you spend the most time in. In seven days, you can consciously clear this room and make an impact on your health as well.

Day 1: Recycle what can be recycled and throw away what can’t be recycled.

Day 2: Assess what objects/clothes/books/etc. you truly no longer need. Gather these items and place them in a box to give away to a friend or take to a place like Goodwill.

Day 3: Actually take these items to your friend or to Goodwill. 🙂

Day 4: Clean this room from top to bottom. If possible, use cleaning products without harsh chemicals. You can find lots of natural cleaning tips HERE. Wash any fabrics, and if the weather is nice, open the windows and let the air circulate.

Day 5: Spend this day appreciating the clearing work you have done, and allow the flow of inspiration for how you will organize this renewed space. If you need to take a trip to a place like the Container Store, you have my permission to do so. 🙂

Day 6: Move furniture and other items around as you are inspired. Organize drawers, counter top spaces, etc. You will feel when everything “clicks.”

Day 7: You may want to bless your renewed space by burning sage, a naturally scented candle, or diffusing pure essential oils of your choosing and set an intention for how you will use it moving forward. If the space held anxiety for you before, you may want to set an intention to fill this space with peace.

As you are clearing this external space, you may also experience a physical clearing. Be present with how you feel each step of this process, and drink plenty of water to flush out toxins. Step outside frequently to take fresh breaths of air as you may be breathing in a great amount of dust as you clean.

While you will probably never get a doctor’s prescription that says “Clean your room,” you may be surprised at the effect this cleared space has on your health. I would love to hear how your spring home/health cleaning goes!

What room are you going to clear first?

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