Unless you are a parent of a small child, you are likely able to go about your daily life without someone constantly in your physical space. At any given time, you probably have a healthy radius of 3 to 6 feet where no one bothers you.

Or so you think.

You see, all matter in the universe is made up of energy. If you look at yourself under a microscope, you would look very different than you do when you look in the mirror. At the core of who you are, you are more energy than matter.

Acting as a perceptual center that transmits and receives information from the body and the environment, The Human Energy Field (HEF) is an electromagnetic field located 3-4 feet from your physical body. Your energy body and the energy bodies of others are constantly interacting. Someone may even be in your energetic space without being anywhere near you physically.

Think about the last time someone really pushed your buttons. Let’s say, for example, you had an unpleasant conversation with an overbearing coworker. You went home and mulled over how they offended you and just couldn’t let it go. You felt uneasy all evening, going over all the ways you could have handled the situation better.

You may as well have brought them home with you, because you ended up holding them–or the thought of them–in your energy field.

Or maybe there was a time you were surprised when you said something that sounded more like something your partner or close loved one would say.

What about that feeling when you’ve just come home from a crowded event and you are feeling all kinds of emotions that you know are not yours, but they feel so real…

If you have experienced any of this, or any situation in which you sense that someone else has invaded your personal energetic space, it may be time for an energy clearing.

Just as you take a bath or shower to cleanse your physical body, you should clear your energetic body as well. You would not let yourself go days without a shower, and yet some of us have gone years without consciously clearing our energy field.

Why is this so important? What happens in the body begins in your field. The field holds your history. Your thoughts, beliefs and life experiences are recorded there. The tone in which you send and receive energy creates the pattern in which you live your life. Store more joy, live more joy! Imbalances and disruptions in the flow of energy can be the root cause of unhealthy emotional and physical conditions.

The good news is that it is not difficult to give your energy body a good scrub. Here is a simple exercise to cleanse your energy body and feel lighter and more energized in just a few moments.

How to Clear Your Energy Field

1. Imagine yourself sitting in the center of a circle of light that extends 3 – 4 feet from your physical body.

2. Focus on your breath and with your intention bring your awareness to your circle.

3. It may be helpful to breathe in to your circle with your inhalation and breath out to the edge of your circle with your exhalation

4. Become present to the energy in your body. Notice how you feel–Where are you experiencing areas of stress, anxiety, pain or discomfort? Softly breathe into those areas.

5. What energies are needing to be cleared? For example: A constant thought that won’t go away? Anger over a conversation with a friend, worry about a sick relative?

6. Whatever the experience, bring it to mind and with love and intention, gently place that thought, or that feeling outside of your circle. Visualize it on the other side. Continuing to put whatever is no longer serving you outside of your circle.

7. As you gently see your thoughts and feelings outside your circle, notice how your body feels. Has the pain shifted, the thought left, the anxiety lessened? Any of these indications means you have cleared your field and your body of that energy.

8. Bring your awareness back into your circle. Focus on your breathing. Is there anything else you see, feel or sense that needs to be released? Continue with this exercise until you feel lighter, calmer and more at peace.

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