We all face illness and injury at some point during our lives. It is unavoidable, but those going through a tough situation can use it to make you stronger”- physically and mentally.

Healing yourself is a necessary endeavor to get every aspect of your life back on track. Just like you have to eat right and exercise to stay in shape, it’s your life- you have to make a lifetime commitment to your overall health, wellness and healing

I love this blurb from Lissa Rankin and her book “Mind Over Medicine” on healing.

There’s a difference between curing and healing. You can be cured without being healed, and you can be healed without being cured. When you’re dealing with an illness, the process of being sick can be an opportunity for spiritual awakening, and when we wake up, we return to our natural state of wholeness. This state of wholeness puts the mind and body in an optimally relaxed state so the self-repair mechanisms of the body can heal itself. Lissa Rankin. “Mind Over Medicine.”

Have you ever noticed that many people that are “cured” from their illnesses never seem to heal from them? Amazing! Sooner or later they may develop other health issues or can live in the grip of fear waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. Modern medicine does an incredible job treating symptoms but often falls short in discovering the root cause of what ails us. To truly heal we have to dig deeper into the thoughts, emotions, beliefs and energetic imbalances that contribute to the creation of illness and disease.

Want to discover what is really at the root of your pain? Ask yourself some of these BIG questions.

  • What is absent from your life?

  • What makes you happy?

  • Are you happy in your relationship?

  • Is your work rewarding?

  • Do you express yourself creatively?

  • What part of you hides and desires to be seen?

  • Do you feel financially secure? What would you do if you were fearless? What keeps you from being authentically who you want to be? What do you believe your body needs to heal?

Whether physical or emotional pain – (pay attention inward now) is your body’s way of trying to get your attention and make you aware of something in your life in need of healing. Listen to the whispers.