I had read Mind Over Medicine before the workshop and now knew there was both science and a method to support my reasons to believe I could heal. My hope was by the end of the workshop I would have tools to cope better and become a more active participant in my healing process. The workshop far exceeded my expectations. I could not have anticipated such strong bonds being formed. The music, ritual, lecture, meditation, exercise, self-exploration and sharing sessions all seemed to happen at exactly the right time. I left on Sunday with first of all, a sadness that we would not be returning the next day – but ultimately, an incredible feeling that I had a viable plan of action to move through not only my health predicament but every area of my life with power, grace and love. I buy viagra now have continued to work on my diagnosis and prescription for another stone in my Whole Health Cairn – and plan to address each one. Immense gratitude goes out to you and Dr. Rankin for creating a means to not only live but flourish in this challenging segment of my life. Thank you both.
Tonya Jubyna

I participated in Mindy Strich’s Mind Over Medicine workshop held over the weekend of April 21 – 23, 2017. I had read Mind Over Medicine, but the workshop vividly brought the content to life for me and help me apply in in a very practical way.

Mindy used a combination of teaching approaches that brought the group together and created a sacred space that made all the participants feel safe and connected to each other. Mindy summarized the content of the book. Exercises complemented the material and were appropriately timed to not be overwhelming. Other activities added sacred moments and fun to the program. Music Mindy brought complemented all aspects of the program beautifully.

I left the class feeling uplifted, having healed some old hurts with a prescription for healing others with the support and love of a workshop leader and workshop participants who I believe will continue to support me.

What an amazing weekend! Would I recommend others attend? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

Becky Barnett

I recently attended a three-day Mind Over Medicine workshop led by Mindy Strich. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. While I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lissa Rankin’s book, Mind Over Medicine, the book really came alive during the workshop. Mindy’s spirit is so kind and lovable and her guidance and wisdom in leading us through the “6 Steps to Healing Yourself” was a pure joy. She explained each step carefully and often illustrated it with her own life examples. Her willingness to share her own journey, made for such a safe environment. An environment that allowed each of us to open up and expose our most private thoughts and vulnerabilities. The “Surrender Ceremony” was especially cathartic as we were finally able to let go of what has been hidden inside and allowed to fester and define us.

While some may think it was chance as to who signed up for the workshop, I feel each of us was meant to be there. I still marvel at how ten women who were complete strangers on Friday became sisters of sorts by Sunday. I can’t help believing that Mindy was the guiding force behind this. Her energy is so pure and filled with light and her guidance through meditations and exercises so calming and relaxed.

Thank you Mindy for an incredible experience. You are a beautiful spirit and I am so grateful for all you did to make me feel whole. While I still have work to do, your strength and encouragement have given me the courage to take the next steps in my journey…I can never thank you enough for that priceless gift.

Liz Rosen

I recently attended Mindy Strich’s Mind Over Medicine workshop based on the book of the same name by Lissa Rankin.  I had reservations about going for a variety of reasons, but pushed through and went.  It was three of the best days I have had in a very long time.

Mindy presented the information in a warm, caring way that intertwined her own personal experiences and examples of what was being presented. There were intangible ideas that she made very relatable with examples, which in turn made it easy to understand.
Between all the information and the exercises we participated in, the days flew by.  I came away with a much more open mind, new thought patterns, and most importantly some amazing new friends that I had been looking for for years. Mindy created an environment of support, sharing, caring, and non-judgment.  It was a weekend I will remember for a very long time and hope it is just my beginning with Mindy and a new way of thinking.

Jessica Granese