In the fall of last year I had the honor of training with Dr. Lissa Rankin and will be bringing her teachings to Atlanta on April 23 – April 25th.

In her groundbreaking book, Mind Over Medicine, Dr. Rankin cites medical literature and 50 years of scientific evidence that proves the body can heal itself.

Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs have a direct impact on our body’s physiology. When we are in a state of stress, our bodies produce unhealthy chemicals that are harmful to the body.

But when we are feeling love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, whenever we have a pleasurable experience, we turn on the body’s relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system) and activate the body’s self healing process, producing healthy hormones that flow joyfully though your body.

For overall health and well being, it is vital that we learn what we can do to keep our mind, body and emotions in balance. If we know that chronic stress held in the body eventually leads to illness and disease, how can we create healthy hormones that will reduce it?

And what if we learned to listen to the cues before it got to that point?

Based on Dr. Rankin’s research, The Mind Over Medicine Workshop puts you on the path of self healing, emphasizing the following actions:

1. Believe it’s possible.

Energy flows where attention goes. If you believe you have an incurable disease or chronic illness or if you believe you are going to get a serious disease, your perception is your reality.

Change your belief and you can change the outcome.

2. Get the right support.

The body’s self repair system has been proven to be activated when we have support. We are calmer and more relaxed. We can’t do this alone. Nor should we believe we have to.

3. Tap into your intuition.

Acknowledging the wisdom of your body and learning that no one else but you is the expert. Listen to your Inner Pilot Light. Notice how your body feels and trust it.

4. Diagnose the root cause.

What needs to change in your life?

Are you ready to make the change?

Is it time to set boundaries, make a change in your job, or a relationship?

We all make decisions based on our own time frame, sometimes we are ready now and other times it takes years. There is no right or wrong answer and only you know what your body needs to heal. The answers may surprise you.

5. Write a personal prescription.

This is the action plan to bring your life into alignment. Going deeper into the areas of your life that create stress and outlining the steps to shift you into a state of inner peace and better health.

6. Let Go, Surrender.

We all want to heal and be cured. Who doesn’t? But the truth is there’s no guarantee that it will happen. It’s out of our hands. There comes a time after you’ve done everything you can do, that perhaps the most important step of all Surrender. Let go. Release your attachment to any expected outcome.

In the coming weeks I will be writing more on the topics covered in Dr. Rankin’s book. We are truly witnessing a paradigm shift in the field of medicine, bringing concepts that energy healers have known for years into the mainstream.

These are exciting times!

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