I was recently asked to describe the most miraculous healing I have ever witnessed.

As an healing practitioner, I have had the gift of experiencing many clients recover from physical and emotional pain and illness. But the one that stands out most in my mind is a client who came to me in pretty dire straights. For some time she was unable to go to the bathroom. She was in severe pain and had sought the care of a doctor, but wasn’t getting much relief.

After her first healing session, she and I both felt that the root cause could be a toxic relationship she had been in for over ten years. Like so many clients I see, she was afraid to leave the relationship because of her fear of being alone. But with fierce courage and the support of our work together, within a month she left the relationship.

And on that very day, her condition disappeared and has not returned. (It’s been over two years.) In fact, she is now happily married!

In her own words:

“By the time I got to your office you’re right, I was so sick, hopeless and scared. I knew I needed help. The hope began returning with each session. I remember the day I was able to walk through a store after one of our sessions.This was something I hadn’t been able to do in months… I was so happy I cried. Each session created a little more movement in my physical and emotional body. You inspired me to journal and really see how my thoughts affected my body’s reactions.

The condition I had was called gut paralysis or paralysis of the gut, the medical term is gastroparesis. It [had been] over 2 months since I had a bm and I had lost 20 lbs. Doctors wanted to remove my colon. They were utterly clueless. Actually, it turned out I was the clueless one and dumping my toxic relationship was the real cure to unblock me in more ways than one.”

I have said it before–we may lie to ourselves, but our bodies never do. My client was getting undeniable messages from her body that an area of her life was completely out of alignment with her health and happiness . Her toxic relationship was manifesting physically with toxic symptoms. When she let go of the relationship, her body was able to return to balance..

Being the distracted and busy society that we are, we frequently miss the subtle clues and messages our body gives us. We numb our symptoms with pharmaceuticals and use food, alcohol, and even Facebook to chase away our physical and emotional discomfort. Ignored, the body’s messaging system grows in intensity until we have no choice but to listen and respond. My client reached the point where she could barely function. She had to reach a state of total surrender before she decided to take control of life.

But not everyone has to travel this far down a path of illness to “get it.”

Our energy healing sessions facilitated her healing and helped her let go of negative beliefs that were contributing to her illness.

Letting go of resistance and practicing self love and acceptance gave her the courage to make necessary changes in her life, but what ultimately created the miracle was her choice to leave her toxic relationship.

According to the Course of Miracles, a miracle is a change in perspective–changing your perspective shifts your energy. And when you realize that the body’s functions are impacted by the of mind’s activity, you begin to connect the dots that healthy thoughts equal a healthy body.

There are many ways you can tune into your body and hear its subtle messages before they become they begin to scream and manifest in pain and disease.

One way is to scan your body by closing your eyes, and a quiet place and take a few deep breaths. Draw your attention to any areas of discomfort.

You may notice some soreness or tightness in a particular area. Take your breath and attention there and just ask it, “What message do you have for me?” and observe what comes up. It may be a thought, an emotion an image, a sound, or another physical sensation. Even if you feel “nothing,” that is a message as well. We get so good at numbing or feelings that we need to practice tuning into them. There’s no wrong way to do this, and just by becoming present to what’s happening in your body, you are shifting the energy and restoring flow.

Without any judgment or expectations, just notice your experience and how you feel when you finish the exercise.

You may also want to journal briefly about your experience. Journaling is a wonderful tool to bring unconscious thoughts and emotions to the surface awareness and in doing so you release them and your body feels better.

To continue your inner work, bring your body scan and journal experience to a healing practitioner for deeper exploration in a healing session.

As you listen, you let go. You let go of limiting beliefs, unconscious patterns and resistance to making the choices that will bring you you greater happiness and improved health.

One day at a time, one step at a time one breath at a time.

Listen to the whispers.

Which of your body’s messages are strongest for you right now?

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