There is a difference between curing and healing. You can be cured without being healed and you can be healed without being cured. The truth is one day we are all going to leave our bodies and transition back to the source in which we came, but until then we either choose to die healed or live being cured and still have a lot of healing to do.

To cure is the absence of disease, to heal means to become whole. 

As a healer I would never promise anyone that I can cure them. Especially when they are facing a serious or life threatening illness.  What I can do is assist my clients in their desire to improve their quality of life. Healing helps the body relax, relieves symptoms, reduces pain and minimizes fear and anxiety. Healing is not about fixing or curing. It’s about comforting and supporting.

Is it possible that healing can help someone not only heal but cure? Yes. On more than one occasion I have been blessed to experience such miracles. By restoring flow and balance, energy healing also creates the environment in which the body can begin to innately heal itself.

The bottom line is this… Energy healing can’t hurt and it can help. When your body shifts from a sympathetic state (fight or flight) to parasympathetic state (rest and digest) you reduce stress, feel less pain, and have a more positive state of mind, all of which supports your body to function optimally. Healing can also help you gain clarity, become calmer, and be more at peace which will help you feel more joy, gratitude and connection with your friends and family.

When you or someone you love is ill, healing is an opportunity for a spiritual awakening. There’s no better time to appreciate what you have, remind you of what’s good in your life or wake you up. Illness reminds us to reset our priorities to what’s really important. Whether it’s bad genes, bad luck or bad habits, maybe the illness is there to teach us what we need to learn. A little healing goes a long way. All you need is love.

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Heal, Play and HUG,